[pm] He didn’t tell me until… you know. 

Yeah, I’ll try not to. 

Did she tell you what she did to him?

[pm] Oh. Right.

Thank you.

Not the specifics, just that he is dead.

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[pm] Shut up. 


I’d suggest you stay out for a while, or hit up some of the deeper black market connection we’ve got. Last thing we need is a Wolfram and Hart witch spotted buying a cauldron and crystals. Or whatever it is you get. 

[pm] Fine.

I think I can manage that. Shopping among curious folk sounds rather annoying whereas black market could be interesting. Cauldrons actually tend to last a while. I know that is not quite the point, but yes, boss. I can stay out of trouble or danger. I do hope you can manage to do the same?

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Anonymous ASKED:
who's your best friend?

This hardly needs answering.

(Ooc: sup lilah)

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[pm] I figured. I talked to him and he told me Did you know about his parents?

Lilah said I could take as much time as I need.

[pm] I’m sorry. I did not, no. I have not ever looked back that far in the records.

Right then. Just… do not do anything stupid.

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[pm] Is there anything I can do?

[pm] I’m guessing you can’t bring him back, so no.

[pm] Not if I want to live No, I can’t.

You need to come back soon, though.

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[pm] You always have one. 

I’m glad. I’ve been needing your help around the office. It’s been a steaming pile of chaos since the article dropped. 

[pm] Mushpot. 

I’m sure it has been a mess with all this publicity. My body chose an inopportune time to get sick. I can only imagine. I have not dared ventured into a magic shop yet, but I am sure that will be an annoying trip.

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[pm] Suppose it is about time I caught up on the paper then. So much for a peaceful sick week. Are you al- I’m sorry. May I come over?

[pm] Of course you can. There’s been a bottle of wine waiting for you for weeks. I’m fine. How are you?

[pm] I assumed as much, but I like to have an invitation. Miss me that much? I’m a bit disappointed, but I am no longer sick so that is always pleasant. 

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[pm] Check on the articles on CAB. You know, considering the info we have, we /could/ make the government’s job easier for them.

[pm] Read and read. Well, this is certainly going to be a ride. We also run the risk of them discovering more about us. Perhaps we could send anonymous tips? 

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[pm] I really hope you've been reading the news.

[pm] I have not caught up yet. Still not feeling so hot. What is it now?

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